Friday, 13 November 2009

Just Press Play: 5th December 2009

It's my great pleasure to announce the first in a series of monthly evening events: Just Press Play kicks off on Saturday 5th December at the Black Lion in Salford. To celebrate this we've put together a special disc jockey mix to get you in the mood:

Just Press Play Mix 01:

1 Intro
2 Health- Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix)
3 Sister Sledge- Lost in Music (Revenge Remix)
4 Bee Gees- One (Rayko Edit)
5 Hot Chocolate- Heaven's in the Back Seat of my Cadillac (Revenge Remix)
6 Walter Jones- Living Without Your Love
7 Altair Nouveau- Space Fortress
8 In Flagranti- EFEX 10-11
9 Metronomy- Do The Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix)
10 The Glass- Wanna be Dancin' (In Flagranti Remix)
11 Skatt Brothers- Walk The Night
12 Jeanne Shy- Night Dance (Beat Broker Dub)
13 LCD Soundsystem- Bye Bye Bayou
14 Disco Deviance- Do it Nice & Easy (With Love) (GW Edit)


For all the details head over to the imaginatively titled Just Press Play Night blog. Hope to see you there..


undeleted said...

Just managed to get my act together enough to download this, marvellous stuff. Really like the Bee Gees and Disco Deviance things. Perfect for the hoovering and the washing up.

Good luck with the night ..

Just Press Play said...

Cheers: If you fancy coming down to the night I'll get you on the guestie..

undeleted said...

Thanks very much. I will consult she who must be obeyed ..