Thursday, 26 July 2007

Dinkin' flicka

This week ESG have released a collector's edition of their seminal album "A South Bronx Story" on Soul Jazz (This blog seems to have turned into a Soul Jazz/Joakim appreciation society lately). It features rarities & alternative mixes of tracks such as "You're no good" and "Moody". SUPERMASSIVESSENTIAL: Buy it.

ESG- The Beat (Z Share)

ESG- The Beat (Yousendit)

Some more Disco? OK. This has received a welcome vinyl re-issue this year, produced by the late Arthur Russell.

Dinosaur L- Go bang (Z Share)

Dinosaur L- Go bang (Yousendit)

Been meaning to post this for a while, the DJ Koze remix of 'Atlas'. Doesn't sound anything like the original, but it's a perfectly nice little plodder.

Battles- Atlas (DJ Koze remix) (Z Share)

Battles- Atlas (DJ Koze remix) (Yousendit)

You Stay Classy

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